What strategies do good online reader use?

Welcome back class. I hope break was eventful. To get back in the swing of things why don’t we begin by brainstorming a list of strategies good online readers use when they:

Formulate a question before you search.
look for words in your question that can be keywords.
use search engnine
use the search engine in the browser
be specific when choosing search terms
use a dictionary/thesaurus to find better keywords
use keywords the find when reading multiple websites
revise keywords when search is unsuccesful
locating with in a search engine
browse website to look for headings and topics
reread the question
check your spelling of keywords.
evaluate usefuleness
check more than one website
read the search results
do the words look to tough?
does it seem like the website is about your topic.
ask a neighbor, ask a teacher
is the information on topic.
evaluate truthfulness
check more than one website
Ask youself, “Does this make sense?”
Find out who wrote the webpage
look for about us
Google the author
look for the contact
email the author
read/leave a comment. Do other people believe it.
just because it has alot of info does not make it true
check the videos, pictures, movies
look for important info and get rd of unimportant

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